Considering the substantial growth in the Egyptian oil & Gas industry and the challenges laying ahead, PPIME and in an efforts to meet its customers needs timely while maximizing its provided services umbrella went ahead and formed several collaborations with several reputable oilfield businesses covering wide span of services:


Precision Completion Systems Inc.
  An American oil services company provides completion products for single and dual zone completions along with the accessories necessary to successfully complete oil and gas wells
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  Canadian Sub-surface:  
  Decompletion, production and evaluation services including: Electric line, Slickline, Production Testing, Well Optimization, Swabbing and Technical Reporting. In addition, CanSub offers services related to well abandonments and services that clients require to meet various regulatory requirements.                     
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  Proline Energy Group:  
  i. Pro-Line Energy Services’ fleet of rigs provide well completions, work overs, abandonments and multiple other operations with careful attention to operational details. We safely and efficiently provide the highest degree of expertise, innovation and service to our customers.

ii. Pro-Line Directional Services are a highly motivated and energetic company specializing in directional, horizontal, and performance drilling applications. Our goal is to provide our clients with the latest in drilling and engineering technology combined with the most experienced and highly trained personnel available, resulting in a safe and cost effective working environment.

iii. Pro-Line Oilfield Services, Down Hole equipment and Rental Equipment                                                            More from this site

  Scott Safety:  
  Full service safety provider specializing in the upstream oil & gas industry covering H2s services, fire protection and emergency medical services;
• Sales, Rental, Maintenance and Inspections of all classes and types
   of Fire Extinguishers
• Industry Standard & Recognized Safety / Fire Training
• Supplied Breathing Air Apparatus, Trailers, Self Contained Breathing
• Fire Safety / Suppression Services (on location)
• Mobile Emergency Shower Units
• Emergency Medical Stand By Services
• Wide Range of Safety Related Products; ie; safety glasses, first aid
   kits, etc.
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  Bio-Synergy Resources:  
  Bio-synergy offers a wide variety of Environmental Site Assessments. Each type of assessment targets a specific inquiry and may be implemented separately or in combination in order to satisfy each specific site assessment. Bio-Synergy specializes in the following:

• Phase I Environmental Site Assessments;
• Phase II Environmental Site Assessments;
• Pre-Disturbance Site Assessment;
• Reclamation Detailed Site Assessments;
• Environmental Field Report;
• Groundwater Diversion Studies;
• Risk Assessments;
• Project Planning and Implementation;
• Sampling, Characterization and analysis programs;
• Landspray-While-Drilling (LWD)
Waste Management and Disposal
  Our waste management services consist of providing environmentally sound, cost-effective alternatives that can be used when determining budgets. In situations where sites may become more complex from a clean-up perspective, it is important to evaluate different scenarios relating directly to each concern. This may involve providing treatment, risk assessment and disposal options at the same time in an effort to properly manage the project costs
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